The following house rules are the most important rules in the Big Brother House and must be followed by contestants all around the world. If a houseguest were to violate these rules, he or she could face a punishment or ejection.

Housemates shall have no contact with the outside world.

All housemates must wear microphone lapels at all times, except when swimming or sleeping.
Conversations in the Diary Room should always stay confidential. No one should ever share such conversations with other houseguests unless told to do so.
Whispering inside the house is strictly prohibited. (Whispering is defined as talking too softly for a microphone to detect)
Housemates should never intimidate, threaten or act violently towards any other housemate.
Tasks are compulsory, but housemates may be permitted to refrain from participating where health or other reasons are accepted by Big Brother.
Speaking in another language aside from the official language used by the show is strictly prohibited.
The housemates should never deliberately break anything inside the house.
The housemates should never discuss anything related to the outside world. (Selectively enforced)
Covering or tampering microphones or cameras, writing secret messages, talking under hidden places (such as bedding, tables and beds) are strictly prohibited.
The Houseguests must leave the house immediately (after brief goodbyes) once evicted and immediately experience an interview with the host on live television.
Production has the sole discretion over what to broadcast and what not to broadcast.
The following items are forbidden inside the house:

  1. Drugs and narcotics
  2. Personal medication (except in consultation with Big Brother)
  3. Pens or any similar writing implements (unless provided by Big Brother)
  4. Paper or writing pads (unless provided by Big Brother)
  5. Musical instruments (allowed in some countries)
  6. Any ready-made games, such as playing cards (unless received from production)
  7. Any item requiring electrical or battery power
  8. Weapons
  9. Watches
  10. Money, check books, or credit/debit cards
  11. Mobile/cell phones
  12. TVs, Computers, or Gaming Devices
  13. PalmPilots or electronic organizers
  14. Agendas or diaries
  15. Magazines
  16. Books, aside from official religious texts
  17. Radios or walkmans
  18. CDs or CD players
  19. Clothes entirely white in color, with prominent commercial logos (unless authorized), or messages to the outside world.